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Don’t Do Business With Pests: Signs You Need to Have Your Office Inspected

Despite the fact that over one billion pounds of pesticides are used in the US each year, pest infestations are still a prevalent problem inside buildings. This is especially the case in office spaces, which have the space for bugs and rodents to burrow without being noticed for long periods of time. While pests may love your office, you don’t love them, and they have to go. You may be asking, though, how do I know for sure if there are pests in my office? What signs can I look out for? Here, we’re going to answer these questions! Read on to learn some surefire signs that it’s time for your office to get a pest inspection.

You See Any Pests

While it’s tempting to brush off having seen just one or two bugs, this is a bad idea. Pests spread rapidly like wildfire, and most types of them can establish a pretty large population in a ridiculously short timeframe.

This means that all sightings of even a single pest should be taken seriously. When it comes to things like this, it’s far better to be safe than to be spending a fortune in the future exterminating a huge pest population as well as replacing everything that they’ve destroyed up until that point.

Other Offices Have Pests

Because many office spaces coexist in a building with other companies, you may have a bit of warning when pests are about to infest your workplace. If another neighboring business within your building is dealing with an issue with roaches, for example, you’re likely to end up with roaches as well.

This becomes even more the case as the already-infected office tries to get the roaches to leave their space. The banished pests will then be likely to set up shop at the next convenient location: your office.

If anyone in your office building has been having difficulty with pests, there’s no time to waste. Call someone to get a pest control inspection immediately.

You Smell Something Strange

When pest infestations are first starting out in a workspace, the office can begin to smell strange. Pests like roaches and mice tend to get into food from the fridge or cabinets and then drag it into the wall. After a while, this compostable food begins to rot, causing the disgusting smell to become stronger each day.

Pests also will occasionally get trapped in the wall along with this rotting food and die. Their carcasses will also begin to give off a foul odor similar to the rotting food. If you begin to smell anything rotting, it may be a sign that you should call someone to inspect the workplace.

You See Signs of Pests

The sight of rodent or bug droppings are a surefire sign that there are pests in the office. A lot of the time, droppings- specifically those of rats or other rodentlike pests- are mistaken by office workers for mud that someone has tracked in on their shoe. If you see dark smudges, look around the area for animal fur as well.

If your pests are of the more insectlike variety, it will be difficult to find droppings. What you will find, however, are the dead bodies of some of the pests. Bugs die very quickly and are bound to leave some carcasses behind. A lot of the time, you will also be able to find small stains in the areas where these bugs have gathered.

Cords and Wires Are Damaged

Pests are known for damaging cables, cords, and wires by chewing on them. If you begin to notice that your cords that connect to computers or phones are working less well than normal, take a close look at them to make sure that there are no bite marks.

If you notice any sign of external damage to these cords, you need to call in an inspector immediately. Pests can burrow in areas where there are a lot of cords and hide there, making themselves at home while they multiply. Make sure that you check on any and all wires periodically to make sure that this isn’t happening in your office.

There’s Further Gnawing Damage

In fact, gnawing damage anywhere is a surefire sign of a pest infestation. One of the most common (and detrimental) places that this may become an issue is in boxes. Pests can gnaw through boxes and cause issues with whole cases of goods shipments. They can also chew on papers and create issues with your office’s banking and paperwork filing.

If you see a strange marking or a scratch anywhere, investigate. Make sure that it really is only a scratch rather than being the mark of an animal’s tooth.

Your Wood Is in Bad Shape

Certain pests (like termites) scrape and chew at the wood. If you notice any wood shavings or bits of sawdust in places where people haven’t actively been cutting wood, it’s likely that you have wood-boring insects.

If you notice any holes in your wood, it’s time to get your office space checked out, too. Make sure that you’re also keeping a lookout for wood discoloring and strange noises coming from within wooden tables, chairs, and cabinets.

Get a Pest Inspection Today

While pests may sound like a minor annoyance, they’re anything but. Pests can be incredibly destructive and cause you thousands of dollars worth of damage. Not only that, but they can be a major health hazard to yourself and your employees.

Now that you know the signs you need to get a pest inspection for your office, it’s time to talk to the pros for more information. Contact us to ask any questions you may have about pest control or to schedule an inspection.

Stay vigilant!

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