Pest Control in Delaware

Delaware may be small in size but there’s no denying its greatness. As one of the original 13 colonies, it is the first state to form a constitution and officially become a state. Residents and visitors alike appreciate the fact that there’s no sales tax, which makes shopping pleasant when the price you see is the price you pay. Delaware is filled with history and if the hills could talk, oh the stories they could tell. Pests, sadly, are a permanent part of this story and Delawareans have been fighting them for centuries. In the past hundred years, pest control in Delaware has changed dramatically. Where it once was filled with deadly chemicals, that though effective at killing pests, also harmed humans if they came in accidental contact with it. Delaware pest control is much more sophisticated now. Not only is it more effective than it used to be 100 years ago, it is gentle on the environment and non-toxic to humans. Pest control today can specifically target each individual pest, making a pest free home attainable.

A pest free home takes constant work

Keeping pests out of your home requires continual attention. You simply cannot get pest control once every year or two and expect pests to stay out. While treatments this infrequent might take care of some pests, you will have more creep in eventually. Here are a few of the biggest reasons you should schedule routine Delaware pest control:

Pest reproduce quickly.

It is scary how fast some pests reproduce. In between infrequent pest control treatments, pests multiply at an alarming rate. In fact, it is one thing that makes a pest a pest—rapid reproduction thus producing incredibly amounts of offspring. You don’t hear of cat or dog infestations and the reason is because they have a litter once a year. Rodents however, have a litter of 6-12 babies every 3 weeks! Pests can get out of hand very quickly.

Effective pest control needs a seasonal approach.

To completely remove pests from your home, you should get seasonal care because many pests have a cyclical life span and combating them during each season stops them in their tracks. Spiders, for instance, are more visible in the spring and summer months, but spider control in the fall is important so you can stop them before laying egg sacs. In the winter, finding these egg sacs before they hatch is vital too. Most pests are effectively thwarted with seasonal pest control in Delaware.

Pests can be dangerous or cause damage.

One of the reasons pests are so upsetting is that they can be detrimental to your health as well as cause devastation within your home. Routine pest control inspections spot these infestation and damages before they become an expensive catastrophe. Keep your family safe and protect your health with scheduled treatments.

You cannot be too careful when it comes to pests

No city, no neighborhood and no home is immune to pest infiltration. As wonderful as Delaware is, rodent, cockroach, spider, fly, wasp and ant infestations are common. Do not be caught unaware. Protect yourself and your investment from the hazardous effects pests can cause your home and health. Pointe Pest Control is your experienced, trusted Delaware pest control specialists to keep your home pest free year round. We appreciate our customers and are happy to serve you. Pests are our specialty and keeping your home from becoming a casualty to their parasitic habits is what we pride ourselves in. Call us today to schedule the safest pest control around.

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