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Common Signs of Mice in Your Home and 3 Tips to Keep Them Out

Mice might look quite cute in small numbers, but when an infestation gets out of control, they can wreak a lot of havoc. From destroying the foundations of your home and furniture to spreading disease and leaving droppings everywhere, a mice infestation is nothing to joke about.

If you’ve started to notice signs of mice, you need to act fast. Read on for some common early signs of a problem, as well as what you should do once you see them.

Common Signs of Mice

The sooner you notice these early signs, the better. Please pay attention when you start to notice and don’t write it off as nothing. It’s better to call out an expert to put your mind at rest than wait and potentially let the problem spiral out of control.

Scratching at Night

One of the first signs of mice in the house you’ll encounter is hearing scratching at night. Mice are nocturnal, so they’ll only start moving around after dark.

See if you can pinpoint where the scratching is coming from, as that will help you work out where they are and even how many mice you’re dealing with. If sounds are coming from all over the house, that’s likely a sign that you’ve got a more widespread problem.

If you only hear scratches or squeaks every now and then, you might be lucky and only have a few mice living in your home. That means that speedy action could save you from the far-reaching damage that mice in high numbers can make.

Droppings in Your Home

Groups of mice can easily produce hundreds of droppings in one night. Keep an eye on the backs of your cupboards or other areas that are tucked away and well-covered. Mice are used to hiding from predators, so they like dark and secluded areas.

Attics are also popular places for mice to live, so make sure you keep an eye out for signs of mice in the attic, especially if you don’t go in there much. Once a week should be enough to make sure the situation up there doesn’t spiral out of control.

You might also start to see small powdery mounds that smell of urine. These are called urine pillars and are the result of piled up grease and urine from the mice. They will only come about from larger infestations, so finding these is definitely not a good sign.

Holes and Nests

Some people get lulled into a fall sense of security by seeing genuine signs of mice but no droppings. Shredded paper, fabric, or cardboard tucked into holes around your house are definitely signs of mice, even if there are no droppings.

The mice might be hiding their droppings elsewhere, or you might not be able to see them from far away. Anything that looks out of place, as mentioned above, could well be signs of rats or mice in your home. Don’t think that your home is safe just because you haven’t ticked off everything on this list.

How to Get Rid of Mice in Your Home

Once you’ve spotted these signs of mice in your home, you’re sure to want to get rid of them as soon as possible – and you’d be right. There are a few different ways you can approach this, each with its own advantages and disadvantages.

1) DIY Solutions

There are dozens of DIY methods for getting rid of rodent vermin in your home, although some are more effective than others. Mousetraps are the classic, but you should be careful if you have pets or young children. They can be just as dangerous to other beings as they are to mice.

Poison can also be bought at most homeware stores, but the same risks apply to those with children or animals. Rat poison can make cats or dogs really sick, just as much as it’s dangerous for the vermin themselves.

It’s also important to remember to go back and check any traps you lay for mice. If you leave the remains behind, you’ll soon end up with an even worse smell than you did when they were still alive.

Cleaning up after traps is sometimes a disgusting job, but it’s much preferred to the alternative.

2) Humane Trapping

PETA also has tips for trapping and releasing mice and rats humanely for those who don’t feel up to the task of killing the mice in your home. It can be a hard task to do for the faint of heart, so sometimes trapping will seem like the better option.

However, remember that releasing rats and mice near your home or someone else’s home could mean that they keep coming back. Eventually, you might find that you need a more definite and final solution.

3) Call in the Experts

If both options seem too grisly or difficult to carry out yourself, it might be better to call in some experts. Not only does it mean you don’t have to handle the critters yourself, but it also means that you get an expert handling of the situation.

For larger infestations, bringing someone on board who can easily see the scale of the problem will mean it gets dealt with promptly, instead of growing any more serious.

Plus, a professional job means that your rodent problem is less likely to return. Mice breed quickly, so leaving even a few behind will mean that your home will soon become a breeding ground for them. Play on the safe side and bring in the big guns by hiring a professional pest control company.

Keen to Solve Your Mouse Problem?

Noticing signs of mice might start with you, but the problem doesn’t need to be your responsibility. Have your mouse problem handled quickly and effectively by Pointe Pest’s rodent control services.

Remember: it’s always best to let a professional handle an infestation, particularly if it’s a large one. Explain your problem to our team today, and we’ll have your home cleaned up in no time.

Pointe PestCommon Signs of Mice in Your Home and 3 Tips to Keep Them Out