Cockroaches in Your Home? Call Pointe Pest Control

Roaches are insects which are detrimental to humans by nature. They are one of the primary conveyors of harmful microorganisms in Pennsylvania. They tend to contaminate different items of our daily use. The harmful microbes carried by the roaches are contained in their saliva, and they spread their saliva over anything they can come in contact with, thus infesting that thing. It is most important to get rid of roaches permanently in your Pennsylvania home.

Several species of roaches have different preferences about the climate of their living area. Few choose to live in areas having a warm climate while others prefer the opposite. Their taste for food may also vary from species to species. In this case, identification of the right species is required for the proper administration of bait (because the use of bait is necessary in nearly all roach-killing methods). A short description about two of the most common species of roaches is given below:

The American Cockroaches:

These species of cockroach are especially popular for their worldwide infestation in common households, so it is important to get rid of roaches of this species. They can be easily recognized by their reddish-brown color and the light yellow bands around the shield behind their heads. They have a relatively longer life than other household insects (2 years). They are also capable of flying over short distances. They are also the largest in size among the overall cockroach family.

The German Cockroaches:

This species is also one of the most popular among all the cockroach species and it is equally important to get rid of roaches of this species also. Their body color is pale brown with two brownish stripes behind the head. The German cockroach has a unique capability of mass reproduction (at least more than any other roach species). Their average lifespan is approximately twelve months.

Professional Pest Control

Pointe Pest Control takes the time to explain the exact way on how we will get rid of your cockroach problems and what to expect after the procedure. We understand your needs, which is why we provide courteous and knowledgeable technicians to come to your home or business on time and give you the service you truly need.

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