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As a fast growing area in Delaware, Bear is home to around 25,000 people. The small town has recently boomed and is a great place for families to call home. At just over 6 sq miles, it is the perfect size town to grow your little family. While raising your little family here is ideal, it is not ideal to raise them alongside dangerous and obnoxious pests. Pests are less particular about the area where they chose to call home and will take up residence wherever they can find. Unfortunately, they tend to choose your home!

Types of Pests to be Aware Of

Did you know that the state bug in Delaware is a ladybug? While your kids may find the occasional ladybug intriguing and fun to play with, no one wants to have an overload of any type of bug or pest in their home or yard, regardless of their cute factor. Some of the most common pests that we treat as a pest control company in Bear include bed bugs, termites, spiders, and wasps.

It is incredibly important that you do not chose to ignore pests when you notice them inside of your home. Choosing to ignore the possible sighting of a bed bug bite on your son or daughters leg is choosing to have your home filled with an infestation of bed bugs. Bed bugs, similarly to most pests, can rapidly take over your home. Bed bugs are often called hitchhikers because they travel from one room to the next by hitchhiking on your clothing. They will start in one room and quickly take over the entire home if you do not contact a pest control company quickly.

We all know how dangerous termites can be for the structure of your home. It is easy for termites to go unnoticed until their damage is extensive and noticed. When you hire Pointe Pest Control, we check your structure regularly to ensure that there are not termites on your home. If you are not regularly checking areas where termites may be feasting, you could be looking at thousands of dollars of damage to your home.

Spiders and wasps are sure to make your beloved town of Bear an area where your children no longer want to go outside and play. Wasps can be very frightening to young children, and many adults are even terrified of spiders. With regular pest control treatments, you do not have to worry about the safety of your kids while they are jumping on the tramp or watching a movie in your basement.

Contact Pointe Pest Control

We could make a list of 50 reasons why you should hire Pointe Pest Control to regularly check your home and protect your family from dangerous and scary pests. Rather than boring you with a 10 page list of reasons that you should hire us, we want you to know that we will take care of your kids and family and you will be extremely happy with the services that we can provide for you in Bear, Delaware. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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