The Bad Bugs of Delaware

Next time you step outside and see a ladybug, you are staring at our state insect. That’s right, Delaware has a state insect and it is the happy little ladybug. The lady bug is a great critter to have around your house. Ladybugs love eating the aphids off of your rose bushes. Farmers will buy ladybugs in bulk to control aphids in their fields. Unfortunately, ladybugs are not the only insects in Delaware. We have plenty of bad bugs that give all other insects a bad name.If you home has been overrun by some of these notorious bad bugs, there is a simple solution. All you need for pest control in Delaware is a call to Point Pest Control. Since we are your local pest control provider, we are familiar with the pests that are common to our area. More importantly, we know how to eliminate the pests in our area. Here are some of the bad bugs that we can eliminate from your home.

The Lineup

  • Bed Bugs: Bugs are nasty enough, but they become even nastier when you know they are eating you each night. Bed bugs thrive on human blood, it is their favorite meal. If your home has an infestation, you will be getting bit, quite a lot, every night. You will also notice little blood stains on your bed sheets and on your pajamas. If you suspect bed bugs, give us a call.
  • Spiders: While they might eat a lot of insects, spiders aren’t insects, they are arachnids. Still though, no matter how many insects they consume, you don’t want to find one crawling around your bedroom or kitchen. An infestation of black widows in your garage can easily be mistaken for a nightmare. If you have spiders taking over your home, you can fight back with Pointe Pest Control.
  • Ants: You can vacuum them up until your vacuum bag is full, but more will keep on coming. Ants invade kitchens because they are looking for food. Remember, that each ant colony contains thousands to millions of individuals. That is the reason they will keep on coming back. If they can find a crumb, they will want more. Besides, queen ants are busy replacing the fallen ants, with brand new ants. If you want to make your home out of reach for any ant colony, we have the professional ability and technology to help. We know ant control.
  • Wasps: Wasps and hornets can pack a nasty sting. They get more aggressive as summer transitions toward fall. Yellow Jackets are always aggressive and will sting you without any reason. We have seen homes where wasps have taken over the front porch. The poor residents had to run out their front door as fast as they could to avoid getting stung. At Pointe Pest Control, we have special formulations that will eradicate any wasps, and create a no fly zone around your home.
  • Termites: Simply put, termites are home wreckers. They chew away at the wood that holds your home upright. An infestation of termites can make a home no longer structurally sound. If you suspect termites, we have a solution that involves total termite eradication.
  • Rodents: So rodents aren’t bugs, but for anyone that has an infestation, they will do a lot more than simply bug you. Rodents are destructive. They chew on everything and spread diseases wherever they wander. The best way to protect your home and health from rodents is to call Pointe Pest Control. We understand how to stop rodents and seal your home up so they can’t get back inside.

Pointe Pest Control

When you want to get serious about pest control in Delaware, you need to call Pointe Pest Control. There are a lot of bad bugs out there that want to either ruin your home or your health. We are serious about protecting you from bad bugs. Our technicians have the tools and the training to give you the pest control solutions you need. In addition, we are a local company. That means we understand the pests that are common for Delaware residents. That understanding allows us to create comprehensive treatment plans that will give you the pest free home you want. When you need Delaware pest control, Pointe Pest Control is your solution for bad bugs, spiders, and rodents.

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