Why Do Ants Enter My Pennsylvania Home?

Most commonly ants live outside in the ground, in nests or ant hills in Pennsylvania. Several hills and nests can make up one colony and the queen ant runs the place and is responsible for making new ants. In the spring as things start to warm up, ant colonies send out scouts to find food and fuel. These foraging ants leave a scent trail so they can find their way home and so other ants can follow in your Pennsylvania home.

While foraging ants may be attracted to the food inside your home, however ants don’t usually nest indoors. Ants can be attracted to a little juice or soda spill on the floor. Ants are attracted to any type of food or beverage and are smart on how to get in homes to get what they want.

Ants have become the number one pest in homes and structures in Pennsylvania and around the country. Fire ants, carpenter ants, sugar ants, rover ants, pavement ants, acrobat ants, are all common ants that try to enter the home. It is common to have problems with several different types of ants at one time.

How to Prevent Ants from Coming in the Home?

Pointe Pest Control in Pennsylvania will send out a licensed inspector to determine which types of ants are currently invading your home and property. They will inspect and identify conditions conducive for ants as well as assess sanitation practices that may contribute to ant infestations. Finally, they will customize a program that fits you and your Pennsylvania home.

Then Pointe Pest Control will send a highly trained pest control specialist to the home to perform an initial treatment targeted for the current ant problem as well as protecting the home from other ants and additional pest pressure. Pointe Pest Control’s technicians are trained in the habits and biology of all the types of ants in Pennsylvania. They carry a wide variety of products which allow them to treat for any and all types of ants. Our ongoing maintenance program will allow our specialists to apply fresh baits and liquid barriers to protect the home and property from ants and other pests.

Why Hire Pointe Pest Control?

Pointe Pest Control knows that pests live and breed in areas that are difficult to see or reach like cracks and crevices and even behind walls. In fact, the majority of pests live completely out of view of the homeowner. Pointe Pest Control’s trained technicians carry the most complete arsenal of tools at their disposal and are trained to protect your home and eradicate these pests from their hiding places in the most efficient and responsible manner. Call Pointe Pest Control today for a free estimate and inspection of your Pennsylvania home.

Andrew IsraelsenWhy Do Ants Enter My Pennsylvania Home?