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8 Reasons Why You Need Quarterly Pest Control (Now!)

A comprehensive study of 50 houses found that there were more than 200 species of insects and pests living in individual homes. That means that a single home was housing 200 different kinds of pests that they couldn’t even see.

Ask any homeowner and they’ll tell you they’d do anything to rid their homes of these pests. That’s why quarterly pest control is crucial to the wellbeing of your family and home.

Keep reading to hear our top reasons why you need regularly scheduled pest control on your home.

1. Protect What’s Important

One of the main reasons to get pest control on a regular basis is to protect what matters to you most. No matter how big or small a pest is, they are capable of causing damage to your personal belongings.

Termites can eat away at that vintage dresser you love, while silverfish can eat through the items in your garage. Your house is your sanctuary and if you’re always worried about a pest infestation, you won’t even be able to relax in the comfort of your own home. Don’t lose sleep over it and make sure you get quarterly pest control.

2. Rid Your Home of Every Pest Quickly

The typical home in the U.S. will most likely house more than 200 species of insects, and that’s a pretty scary thing. Ants are one of the most common pests. Getting rid of them for good makes quarterly pest control worth it.

Regularly scheduled pest control service will help you get rid of all the species of pests in your house quickly so that you can get back to enjoying your life. It’ll also save you additional time because instead of having to find a solution on your own, someone else will take care of everything.

3. Prevent Pests From Coming Back

Even if you don’t currently suffer from a pest problem, having a plan in place to prevent anything from coming up is important for any homeowner. Regularly scheduled pest control sessions will eliminate an issue before it even begins.

Certain pests are seasonal and pest control will prepare your home so that the pests won’t ever show up. Hiring a pest control service for your home will also make it possible for the technician to cover areas of your home that you are unable to reach.

4. Take Care of Your Family’s Health

Is quarterly pest control necessary? Absolutely! Having repeated pest control sessions at your house will help take care of your family’s health.

Pests carry many diseases and can transmit them to your family if you don’t take care of the problem quickly. Ticks and mosquitos can transmit very serious illnesses to humans. Pest control can give you peace of mind that you’re doing your best to protect the people you love.

While there’s always the chance of catching a disease from an animal outside, getting a pest control service will drastically reduce your chances of catching any diseases from a pest.

5. You’ll End Up Saving Money

If you try figuring out what works best for killing pests on your own, you’re very likely to come up with some faulty solutions. What you thought would help you save money actually ends up costing you more. While you might think that quarterly pest control costs are too high, in the long run, they’ll be the most affordable option.

A pest control service has proven solutions to most of the common household pests and they’ll be able to get rid of them for you as quickly as possible. Getting the most affordable price is just about comparing estimates from different companies.

Getting regularly scheduled pest control service will also save you money by preventing pests from damaging your property, which in itself can cost a lot to fix.

6. Help From an Expert

Trying to handle pest issues on your own will not only cost you more money but will more often than not never work. You might be able to fix an issue for some time but only a professional pest control technician can eradicate the pests in your home for good.

A pest control company will know about any kind of pest problem and suggest the best solutions to get rid of it. They’ll also have the necessary equipment to do the job safely.

7. Keep Your Food Safe

No one likes finding ants in the peanut butter or a cockroach behind the stove. Even if you consider yourself a neat freak, these things are bound to happen from time to time.

A quarterly pest control service will help prevent this from happening in the future. Keeping the food you eat and feed to your family safe is very important. You can protect your food by scheduling that service as soon as possible!

8. Less Clean up Required

Killing pests on your own and cleaning up the mess afterward can become a hassle. This not only takes up your valuable time but it can be dangerous to touch a dead pest or rodent without knowing how to properly discard it.

A pest service company will take care of all of this for you. They’ll pick up any remains or droppings from pests and throw them out in a safe way. This won’t require that you spend any time cleaning up.

You Need to Get Quarterly Pest Control

Quarterly pest control will help get rid of any unwanted pests and prevent new ones from showing up. These are our top reasons why regular pest control is important.

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Pointe Pest8 Reasons Why You Need Quarterly Pest Control (Now!)