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7 Signs You Should Call Pest Control

Are you concerned you have a pest infestation in your home? When you notice anything from ant hills to damaged drywall, you may be living among pests. And if you try to combat the pests yourself, you risk endangering your health — or not eliminating the problem. Sometimes it’s better to leave the work to the professionals. Read on to learn 7 signs that you should call pest control!

1. Pests Can Cause Bad Smells

If you smell something unpleasant in your house, know that you may have pests living with you. Pests will be using furniture, food, and other items from your home to make their own home in crawl spaces or attics. Sometimes that unpleasant smell in the air could be rotting food from their nest.

A very pungent odor can spread through your home if an animal dies, too. This is particularly problematic because animals will be in unseen parts of your house. They may be in crawl spaces that you’ll need a trained professional to access.

Don’t let the problem fester. For starters, the smell will be offputting to you and your guests. Even worse, other pests may carry bacteria from the decaying body.

2. Unusual Noises May Mean You Have Pests

Do you hear noises that sound like something is scurrying through your home? If unusual noises interrupt your nightly sleep routine. then it may be time to contact a pest control company.

Sounds like clawing or squeaking could mean you have pests inside or outside the house. You may be hearing the sound of mice running in your attic, or you could be hearing the sound of termites in your walls. Additionally, noises could indicate the presence of animals like raccoons around the edges of your home’s exterior.

3. Does Your Fabric Have New Holes?

Noticing frayed edges or strange stains on your upholstered furniture is never a good sign. And that’s especially true if you don’t have pets! At this point, it’s time to research pest control near me.

Stains or gnawed edges could be indicative of a pest infestation. You could have a rodent or two scampering around your house. They’ll be attracted to soft surfaces, so keep your eyes peeled if your area rugs or sweatshirts look damaged.

Cardboard and drywall are other prime culprits for rodents. Check your bedsheets, too. Dark stains on sheets can indicate a bed bug problem.

4. Call Pest Control When You See Wings or Dead Bodies

Sometimes it can be painfully obvious that you have a pest problem. If you don’t see the pests living and thriving in your home, you may see their dead bodies. Or you may see parts of their bodies, like wings or legs.

When you’re sweeping the floor, look for debris that isn’t just the standard assortment of bread crumbs. You could notice dead insects in cupboards or on windowsills, too.

You’ll want to address residential pest problems quickly. After all, you don’t want pests invading your food supply. And you don’t want those pests to multiply.

Insects like spiders can deliver life-threatening bites. And cockroaches can spread diseases. Keep your family healthy and call the professionals to eradicate the problem.

5. Watch for Ladybugs and Anthills

Even though ladybugs may look pretty, don’t get distracted by their striking colors. And even though ladybugs can do a lot of good, like eating other harmful insects, their presence in your home isn’t necessarily a good thing.

When you start to see lots of ladybugs around your windows or on your furniture, you may have other pests. These could include mites and other insects that can carry diseases.

Anthills are another visual clue that you have pests on the premises. You’ll find them at cracks in the pavement or other areas around your home. You may notice ants in your kitchen, too.

Ants can carry bacteria and hurt the wood in your home, so it’s important to take action quickly. To make matters worse, it’s highly likely that there’s a colony of ants that you can’t even see.

6. Pest Droppings May Indicate an Infestation

It’s time to call pest control companies when you notice droppings on your kitchen floor. There’s a better chance you’ll see pest droppings in places where pests like to gather. This includes your basement utility area, attic, or kitchen.

Also, look for pieces of old food on the ground. Sometimes pests leave traces of their food behind. In either case, consult with a professional about a pest infestation. They’ll be able to identify what kind of pest is connected with the particular droppings.

7. Look for Issues with Wood in Your Home

If the wood frames around your windows appear gnawed or hollow, you could be dealing with termites. Check places like your back deck, siding, or fence. While you may not be able to see the termites, you can look for specific signs of their presence.

For instance, tiny holes or visible tunnels will indicate that termites are burrowing into your wood. You could also see their wings. All of this visual evidence means that your wood may be hollow and structurally insecure.

Why should you address the situation quickly? Termites rarely work alone. You could be dealing with a colony of hundreds of — or even a thousand — termites taking up residence in your fence.

Find the Right Pest Control Service

When you notice the telltale signs of an insect or critter invading your home, it’s time to call pest control. Watch for new holes in your furniture or droppings on the floor. And if you hear new sounds in the ceilings or walls, you’d be wise to take action with a professional’s assistance.

If you suspect you have a pest infestation, contact us and we can help!

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