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7 Reasons to Choose Environmentally Friendly Pest Control

Let’s cut to the chase: pests in your home is one of the biggest nuisances in the world. You want them gone, and fast. Your first instinct may be to grab the harshest chemicals on the store shelf to take care of them, but we think you should reconsider.

Going green is more popular than ever, and in some areas of your home, it’s easy. You can swap paper towels for dishcloths and cling wrap for beeswax wrap. But when it comes to pests, our first thought isn’t usually to go the environmentally friendly pest control route.

1. It’s Better for the Planet

Pesticides made with harsh chemicals linger in the air and impact our ecosystem. They also contaminate our soil and waterways, so the negative impact is far-reaching.

They’re highly toxic to many animals, plants, and helpful insects. The use of pesticides is linked to the decreasing bee population, which has a detrimental impact on the environment.

Basically, if you want to breathe cleaner air and live in a thriving, diverse ecosystem, you should steer clear of insecticides that do more harm than good.

2. It’s Better for Your Health

Risks associated with pesticide exposure are becoming more widely known, and we are seeing more cases of pesticide poisoning.

Symptoms of pesticide poisoning include wheezing, eye and skin irritation, vomiting, and other pains. Simply put: the risk isn’t worth it. Especially since you can go with a green option and save yourself from any harmful consequences.

3. It’s Safer for Your Kids

Exposure to pesticides is especially harmful to children since their bodies are still developing and more sensitive.

Little ones love to put things in their mouths, so keeping harsh pesticides in the home means you have to constantly worry about their exposure. Go with safe pest control options instead so you can rest easy and not worry about them ingesting something harmful.

4. It’s Safer for Your Pets

Animals love to dig around and eat things off the ground or the floor of your house, so if you’re spraying harmful pesticides in and around your home, chances are they will ingest it.

These chemicals can be deadly for animals, so the best option is to avoid them altogether and go with green pest control.

5. It’s a More Long Term Solution

Chemical pesticides don’t address the root of your pest problem. Spraying the chemicals may help get rid of bugs in the short term, but eventually, the infestation will come back. Insects can even develop resistance to chemical pesticides, which they pass on to their offspring, making the infestation harder and harder to kill.

Eco-friendly pest control gets to the cause of your problem so you can experience better results long term. One approach to green pest control is locating and sealing gaps and holes in the structure of your home. This method can reduce pest complaints by up to 65%.

Instead of a one-time quick solution, play the long game, and focus on ridding your home of pests permanently with a green solution.

6. It Doesn’t Harm Your Garden or Landscape

Spraying pesticides around your home can kill your beloved garden, grass, and landscaping. As the chemicals sink more into your soil, it can be hard to reverse their negative impact and see regrowth. If you grow food in your garden, your chances of ingesting pesticides also increase.

Keep your plants happy by avoiding the toxic chemicals in most pesticides. You’ll also help necessary bugs thrive in the ecosystem.

7. No Strong Smell

The strong smell from toxic pesticides can linger in the air, especially when it’s used inside your home. The smell is extremely unpleasant and can cause headaches, dizziness, and other irritations, and it’s not healthy to breathe it in.

You can avoid this by going with a safe pest control that doesn’t leave a lingering smell or other lasting impacts.

Environmentally Friendly Pest Control Options

Now that you know why you should avoid harsh pesticides at all costs, how do you get rid of pests safely?

The best option is to find a pest control service in your area that focuses on eco-friendly solutions. They’ll be able to use natural pesticides that are just as effective as the harsh stuff, and they have the planet and your family’s health in mind.

Unlike exterminators, natural pest control technicians take a long-term approach, so their methods will actually rid your home of pest infestations permanently. The two methods they use are integrated pest management and strictly organic.

Integrated pest management includes exclusion, sanitation, and the use of safe chemicals. Strictly organic is a completely non-chemical approach that focuses on using products with 100% natural ingredients that have been determined effective in repelling pests.

When consulting with a natural pest control service, they’ll be able to help you choose the best method to rid your home of pests. They can also educate you about prevention methods to keep pests at bay.

Choosing Green Pest Control: Pointe Pest Control

We know that unwelcome pests are incredibly annoying, and we want to help you get rid of them while also keeping your home safe.

You don’t have to risk your family’s health, your landscaping, or the planet to get rid of infuriating pests. Go with environmentally friendly pest control instead and say goodbye to pests for good in the safest way possible.

For natural pest control in Bridgeport, Pennsylvania, call us today for a free inspection. You can also contact us and check out our blog for more natural pest control resources.

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