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7 Incredibly Common Household Pests You Can Expect to See This Summer

A recent survey found the top three household pests are ants, spiders, and roaches.

But there are other pests that thrive in the summer so it’s important we know which ones to look out for before they become a bigger problem.

Don’t know bout common household pests? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Here are the seven most popular ones.

1. Ants

One of the most common pests are ants who often appear between May and July.

Ants hunt for food during the summer to build up reserves for the fall. Because of this, you must find potential entry points and seal cracks to keep them out.

Maintaining a clean home is the easiest way to deter ants so take out the trash, store food in sealed containers, and immediately clean up spills.

Pet owners should also put food and water bowls outdoors, away from the house. Avoid leaving pet food unattended as it will attract ants so seal it up when unused.

You should also store dry pet food inside a sealed plastic container rather than its original packaging as ants can easily access it.

2. Fleas

Pets will alert you to these pesky summer bugs by scratching and biting themselves once they come inside.

The easiest way to prevent fleas is by treating pets with medication once a month or buying a flea collar as they protect animals for eight months.

You should also bathe your pets regularly, keep pet beds clean, and vacuum weekly to prevent an infestation. If fleas enter your home, call a pest control technician so they can do an indoor pest control treatment.

3. Termites

Termites are common house insects during spring and summer. These pests feast on wood structures and once they establish a colony, it’s difficult to remove them.

To prevent an infestation, keep the soil around your home dry through proper drainage, seal entry points, and don’t store wood debris near your home.

You should also fix any leaks because moisture attracts termites as it’s essential for their survival.

4. Spiders

Spider infestations are common during the summer. If you have one, search “pest control near me” for effective spider control.

Only removing webs won’t reduce spider populations so you must be proactive at the start of June.

Keep a three-inch clearing around your home’s perimeter as spiders often climb from branches onto home walls. Plus, trim back shrubs that grow in your clearing so pests stay away from your home.

You should also de-clutter your home, seal doors or windows, and use sticky traps to capture spiders.

It’s important to note spiders are a useful pest control solution for flies but you don’t want a large outbreak of them.

5. Flies

Flies invade homes to escape the summer heat and are one of the few insects that are still present in fall.

Avoid a fly infestation by closing windows and doors, taking out the garbage, and keeping the can away from your home’s exterior. If you accidentally spill a drink or food, clean it up immediately and wipe down countertops with a disinfectant.

Otherwise, you’ll have hundreds of flies inside your home which is extremely challeging to eliminate.

You can handle a few with a fly swatter or a trap but it’s better to Google “pest removal near me” so an expert can deal with the situation.

6. Roaches

Roaches love warm, humid temperatures and eat almost anything. Because of this, they’re often found scurrying across kitchens and bathrooms.

When you see one roach know there are more hiding somewhere close as they reproduce quickly.

Apart from spreading bacteria, roaches produce allergens that trigger asthma and cause allergic reactions to susceptible people.

The best way to prevent cockroaches is by focusing on your kitchen.

Never leave food overnight, wash dirty dishes immediately, clean countertops, and appliances. Roaches love grease so check behind your refrigerator, around your microwave, and under the kitchen sink.

You should also limit where you eat so it’s easier to clean up and prevent crumbs from littering other rooms.

It’s important to note roaches feed at night so vacuum the kitchen floor nightly and other rooms every two days. Doing so eliminates roach feces, body parts, and egg sacs that attract other roaches.

7. Mosquitoes

Over one million people die from mosquito bites every year proving this pest can be fatal.

Mosquitoes first appear in June so start your preventative measures early. Female mosquitoes need blood for nutrients so they can lay eggs in standing water.

To avoid a mosquito infestation, remove stagnant water areas like birdbaths and fountains. You can also use mosquito traps, wear mosquito repellant spray, and dot citronella candles around your garden to deter them.

But, it’s important to note, these will decrease mosquito activity but not fully eradicate them. Instead, hire a pest control company as they have the right equipment and expertise to remove mosquitos for good.

These Are the Most Common Summer Household Pets

Now you know which household pests to look out for this summer.

The most effective way of deterring pests is by cleaning your home, never leaving food out, removing clutter, and taking action immediately.

DIY pest control is a short term solution so call a professional pest control service instead. They’ll eradicate the problem and keep your home pest-free.

Are you suffering from a pest infestation? If yes, we’d love to help. Contact us here for more details.

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