5 Dangers of Rodents in Your New Jersey Home

Rats and mice both spread disease when they enter homes, and these health risks can be fatal. These illnesses can be spread in several ways, so even if you haven’t seen a rodent indoors yet, one could be lurking behind the walls, contaminating your home. Read our 5 dangers of rodents in your New Jersey h0me.

Co-Existence with Humans

Rodents are well adapted to living with or in close proximity to humans. They and their parasites share our homes. They nest and sleep in the furniture where we relax, sleep, and store our clothing – and we don’t even realize it. Obviously, we are quite vulnerable to the potential spread of any pathogens carried by rodents.

Transporters of Pathogens & Parasites

Rodents harbor a wide range of parasites such as mites and ticks that carry lethal pathogens. Even without parasites, rodents can directly transmit deadly germs excreted in their urine and feces.

Bodily Excretion

In one week’s time rodents produce hundreds of fecal pellets and deposit urine in thousands of areas. The pathogens may also be deposited through saliva and blood spewed during rodent fights. Finally, rodents shed their hair daily and lose an entire coat twice a year. In this way, millions of rodent hairs and hair fragments, possibly containing pathogens, are also deposited into our environment.

Prolific Breeders

Inside our buildings where food, water, and harborage are readily available, rodents can breed prolifically. This results in tens or hundreds of rodents living and moving about in our homes. Disease organisms present within these populations can spread rapidly to infect areas, people, and pets.

Rodent bites

Even though rodent bites are not very common, it is important to avoid them at all costs. A bite from a sick mouse or rat can spread disease to humans. Infected rodent bites can transmit Lymphocytic Chorio-meningitis, the plague and other serious illnesses.

Hire Pointe Pest Control

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Andrew Israelsen5 Dangers of Rodents in Your New Jersey Home