2014 HomeAdvisor Winner!

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Pointe Pest Control is proud to announce that they are the 2014 winner of the Best of HomeAdvisor. We are locally owned and operated in Eastern Pennsylvania and New Jersey and we work hard to make our customers happy with unmatched value, and a satisfaction guarantee.

HomeAdvisor Reviews for Pointe Pest Control

“Their technician (Dan) was very customer friendly and knowledgeable. He provided a very detailed explanation of our problem after his assessment that included possible entrance points and corrected actions. After two weeks it may be too early to say problem is resolved but it appears so. We hired Pointe to perform monthly services and are confident our facility is being treated with quality and competent pest control practices. The initial assessment and monthly fees are very reasonable.”

-Havertown, PA

“I thought no one was able to help with our ant problem. This year has been horrible for everyone we know. Still, Pointe developed a strong plan and followed through. We’ve seen only one in the past week. (Began 5 weeks ago.) Amazing. Most important, you did not spray insecticide all over the inside of our home. They kept the poison down to a minimum and still did a great job. Our tech, Marvel, is fantastic as well. He doesn’t miss a thing and is always so happy and nice. Who knew that an exterminator visit could be such a positive experience. Worth the extra cost for a job well done.”

-Southampton, PA

“They were very prompt and courteous. Everything was discussed with me beforehand before they came out, and they encouraged me to call them should my problem persist. I was fully covered under contract for any other problem at any time. Josh and Greg was very friendly and offered suggestions to minimize my problem. Thank you for your help and availability.”

-Media, PA

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Andrew Israelsen2014 HomeAdvisor Winner!