Black Widow Spider Fun Facts Quiz

There are very few things in nature that are imbued with the same sublime sense of awe as the black widow spider. It’s deadly, it’s unassuming, and while it’s hard to say it’s beautiful, it does have a certain aesthetic quality to it. Black widow spiders are generally visualized as jet black with a characteristic red marking on their backs. …

niftyadminBlack Widow Spider Fun Facts Quiz

Identifying and Eliminating Black Widow Spiders this Fall

When it comes to notoriety, there are few spiders that have more than the black widow. Their inky black bodies and long legs are enough to produce nightmares and that telltale red hour glass will make you take a few steps back. If black widow spiders have transformed your home, garage or yard into a fear factory, you can count …

niftyadminIdentifying and Eliminating Black Widow Spiders this Fall

Black Widow Spider Habitat Facts

Black widow spiders are United State’s most dangerous, poisonous and potentially deadly spider. Most people are aware of these spiders and the threat they impose but not many know where to find black widows, what their webs look like and how to steer clear of them. A large part of keeping yourself and loved ones safe from a possible painful …

niftyadminBlack Widow Spider Habitat Facts

Spiders of Red, Brown and Black

You may have heard the phrase, Good things come in threes. Unfortunately this term is not true when it comes to spiders that get into your home. Seeing a single spider in your home, is seeing one too many. If you are tired of watching spiders walk up your walls, Pointe Pest Control can help. If you are tired of …

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The first signs of a spider infestation

It may seem obvious, but the first signs of a spider infestation are seeing cobwebs in your home. Check out the video below for more information.

Andrew IsraelsenThe first signs of a spider infestation

Spiders that are Common in Pennsylvania 

Scientists love to make estimations. They even make estimations about spiders. In fact, scientists estimate that there are around 1 million spiders per acre of land. Because of this, you are always within at least 10 feet of a spider… at all times. If spiders would simply stay outside and out of our homes, they would be easy to get …

Andrew IsraelsenSpiders that are Common in Pennsylvania 


Spiders are pretty well known and do not need much of help in terms of an appearance description to make then recognizable. Eight legs, no wings, two body regions, no antennae- That’s it! House spiders occur throughout the world. Their name is derived from their presence inside human housings. This covers quite a number of species although the common house spider is the most recognized. SIGNS OF A …

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Black Widow Spider Facts

Homes in Pennsylvania are occasionally inhabited by black widow spiders. Listed below are some interesting facts about black widow spiders. On average, male black widow spiders are smaller than females, reaching only about half their size in length. The female Black Widow is 3/8 inch long and has legs and cephalothorax that are black. Its teardrop shaped abdomen is shiny …

Andrew IsraelsenBlack Widow Spider Facts