Ticks During Winter Months

Ticks are considered arachnids which places them in the same family as spiders. And like spiders, they can be poisonous to humans. Unlike spiders, however, ticks are classified differently based on their method of consumption. They are considered ectoparasites because they attach themselves to the exterior of a host’s body and draw nutrients from the host’s blood. Additionally, there are …

niftyadminTicks During Winter Months

Identifying and Eliminating Black Widow Spiders this Fall

When it comes to notoriety, there are few spiders that have more than the black widow. Their inky black bodies and long legs are enough to produce nightmares and that telltale red hour glass will make you take a few steps back. If black widow spiders have transformed your home, garage or yard into a fear factory, you can count …

niftyadminIdentifying and Eliminating Black Widow Spiders this Fall

The Bad Bugs of Delaware

Next time you step outside and see a ladybug, you are staring at our state insect. That’s right, Delaware has a state insect and it is the happy little ladybug. The lady bug is a great critter to have around your house. Ladybugs love eating the aphids off of your rose bushes. Farmers will buy ladybugs in bulk to control …

niftyadminThe Bad Bugs of Delaware

Fly Invaders

Don’t underestimate the germs and disease flies can carry into your home. Check out this video for more information:

Andrew IsraelsenFly Invaders

Pointe Pest Control Facebook Giveaway

  Professional sporting events are a favorite of many. The smashing sound of the players as they are pushed against the glass in a hockey stadium full of cheering and yelling fans is a feeling unlike any other. There is something for everyone at hockey games! Have you wanted to go to a Flyers game but just haven’t splurged on …

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Pest Control Services

A pest infestation does not take place overnight. It is a gradual process that takes time. Many homeowners ignore or neglect the need for pest control service in their homes, which eventually brings harm that could have been avoided with a professional pest prevention plan. The most common pests in any home are ants, cockroaches, and spiders. Some homes may …

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5 Reasons to Hire Pointe Pest Control

Knowledge, Tools, and Experience Professionals use highly effective equipment and safe pesticides to eliminate pests in your home. With training in colony habits, species identification, building layouts, and more, Pointe Pest Control is uniquely equipped to fight infestations of varying degrees. Results Homeowners often make the mistake of using spray or bait treatments to fight only the visible problem. Professionals understand …

Andrew Israelsen5 Reasons to Hire Pointe Pest Control

3 Ways to Prevent Home Invading Pests

Take action to minimize – or even prevent – the annual insect migration into your home. Three types of barriers provide an effective measure of protection against insects: physical, chemical and cultural. Use one method or, better yet, adapt techniques from all three types of barriers to create a strong defense against invading insects. Physical Barriers One type of physical …

Andrew Israelsen3 Ways to Prevent Home Invading Pests