What Kinds Of Ants Have Wings?

Ants are a common pest for homeowners. They can ruin outdoor events and activities while making their way into your home in great numbers. They often gain access through cracks in siding or gaps in doorways and windowsills. Once in, they can be notoriously hard to get rid of and can quickly appear on countertops, tables, floors, or anywhere there …

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Are Electronic Pest Repellers Harmful To Human Hearing?

Keeping potentially harmful flying insects, roaches, and rodents away is always a priority for homeowners. Unfortunately, rather than calling in our pest control experts to eliminate an infestation and prevent future problems, some people attempt do-it-yourself methods. There are numerous over the counter products on the market that promise to deliver results. At best, these tend to be costly, messy, …

niftyadminAre Electronic Pest Repellers Harmful To Human Hearing?

Social Insects

Now that spring is here and summer is right around the corner, many people will begin planning outdoor social events. Whether your plans involve a wedding, a graduation party, a community gathering, or a simple picnic with family and friends, it is important to plan ahead to ensure uninvited guests do not show up. Certain types of insects are known …

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Preparing Your Home for Spring Pest Invasions

Spring is in the air, which is great for those of us who live in the Northeast. It often means an end to winter and the beginning of outdoor fun. It means amusement parks, ice cream cones, waterparks, swimming, riding bikes, and trips to the beach. But insects are no less excited about the spring than you are. Once the …

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Ticks During Winter Months

Ticks are considered arachnids which places them in the same family as spiders. And like spiders, they can be poisonous to humans. Unlike spiders, however, ticks are classified differently based on their method of consumption. They are considered ectoparasites because they attach themselves to the exterior of a host’s body and draw nutrients from the host’s blood. Additionally, there are …

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Identifying and Eliminating Black Widow Spiders this Fall

When it comes to notoriety, there are few spiders that have more than the black widow. Their inky black bodies and long legs are enough to produce nightmares and that telltale red hour glass will make you take a few steps back. If black widow spiders have transformed your home, garage or yard into a fear factory, you can count …

niftyadminIdentifying and Eliminating Black Widow Spiders this Fall

The Bad Bugs of Delaware

Next time you step outside and see a ladybug, you are staring at our state insect. That’s right, Delaware has a state insect and it is the happy little ladybug. The lady bug is a great critter to have around your house. Ladybugs love eating the aphids off of your rose bushes. Farmers will buy ladybugs in bulk to control …

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Fly Invaders

Don’t underestimate the germs and disease flies can carry into your home. Check out this video for more information:

Andrew IsraelsenFly Invaders