Long Flat Arthropod – The Centipede

How much do you know about those long-legged critters that linger in the cracks, crevices and damp dark areas of your home? Learn more about the centiped, watch the video below.

niftyadminLong Flat Arthropod – The Centipede

Paper Wasps Around The Home

Paper wasps are stinging insects and although they are essential in reducing pest populations by feeding on the larva of the pests, even though it can be helpful, it’s dangerous to allow paper wasps population to grow around the home. If stung by a paper wasp it can be very painful, even fatal. If you have seen signs of paper …

niftyadminPaper Wasps Around The Home

Fly Invaders

Don’t underestimate the germs and disease flies can carry into your home. Check out this video for more information:

Andrew IsraelsenFly Invaders

The first signs of a spider infestation

It may seem obvious, but the first signs of a spider infestation are seeing cobwebs in your home. Check out the video below for more information.

Andrew IsraelsenThe first signs of a spider infestation