Spiders are among the most hated and feared of all household pests. Nevermind that we are 150 times taller than they are, we still fear their tiny venom soaked fangs, creepy ways and unattractive appearances. Spiders are simply unwelcome in our homes and in order to ensure their absence, it is essential for the professionals to bring them their eviction notice. Professional spider control ensures spiders keep their distances and potential infestations never occur.

Wolf SpidersWSFrontRightBigShadow

Description: These solitary hunting spiders are quick and often seen at night when they are hunting for food. They range in size from 1mm to 5 inches, have 8 eyes in 3 rows and do not spin webs.


hobo spiderHobo Spiders

Description:  Recognized by the V-shaped pattern on their abdomen, the hobo spider is known as one of the more aggressive spiders. Once thought to be very dangerous, experts have retracted this idea, though their bite is still quite painful.

spider-black-widowBlack Widow Spiders

Description: Well known for its black body and red hour glass shape on the abdomen, the black widow is one of the most feared spiders in the United States. With a bite that requires immediate medical attention, you don’t want to mess around with this spider.

spider-brown-recluseBrown Recluse Spiders

Description: This spider has a violin pattern from its neck to the abdomen but the most definitive way to identify this spider is by looking at the 6 eyes arranged in pairs with one pair being central. This spider’s bite is not immediately painful but can be dangerous.

spider-houseHouse Spiders

Description: House spiders come in many varieties but get their name because they dwell in human spaces. The presence of cobwebs is a manifestation of their presence. Despite what their name suggests, they have more success finding food in your garage, shed or attic so this is typically where you will find them.

spider-gardenGarden Spiders

Description: Distinctively, this spider’s 8 legs form an X, grouped in twos. They come in a variety of colors, often brightly patterned. Garden spiders are not likely to bite unless provoked.

spider-jumpingJumping Spiders

Description: Jumping spiders have the best vision among arachnids and are most easily recognized by their eyes, with four pair of eyes, one large pair in the front. As their name suggests, their jumping ability is notable, using this talent to pounce on their prey.

sac-spidersSac Spiders

Description: Also known as a yellow sac spider, this pale arachnid is known to bite unprovoked, with its bite producing a painful, necrosing reaction.

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