Rodents mean destruction. Their front incisor teeth are continuously growing, which mean they are continuously chewing in order to keep them sharp. A few rodents will ruin your home and yard. If that wasn’t enough, they are also after your health. Rodents carry numerous diseases that are transferable to you and your family. The best way to protect your home from rodents is to call the professionals with Pointe Pest Control. When it comes to rodents, we mean business.

House MMouseouse

Description Ever wondered how fast mice can become a problem? A female house mouse can produce up to six mice per litter. Under ideal conditions, she will have eight litters in a year. That’s 48 new mice. Now take into consideration that each new mouse can become reproductively active in a little over a month. It is easy to see how a few mice can turn into a few hundred in a short amount of time.


Description:  When you have an infestation of voles, you can say goodbye to the expensive plants in your yard. Voles will girdle your trees, and turn your lawn into a patchy maze of rodent trails. Like all rodents, voles can transmit diseases. Infections from voles are more rare, because they do not get inside of your home.

RatNorway Rats

Description: Like mice, Norway rats can reproduce quickly. It only takes a few rats to create a real problem. Rats are far more destructive than mice. Norway rats spend time in garbage and sewage and then bring the bacteria, viruses, and pathogens into your home. If they get into your food, they are transmitting diseases onto the very things you will be eating.


RatRoof Rats

Description: Your attic is a perfect place for roof rats. They can go about their business without you even knowing they are there. Roof rats are smaller than Norway rats, and they have black to greyish fur. They have larger ears and a longer tail. That long tail gives them excellent balance and allows them to climb numerous surface types.

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